PT Amarta Jaya Telekomindo are always professionally committed to connect more than 250 million people across Indonesia archipelago by means of telecommunications & IT infrastructure including the respective construction and installation through ducting system and aerial fiber optic cable network which include civil work, mechanical and electrical work, commissioning CCTV, broadband antenna, and develop application system solutions.

Telecommunication Infrastructure Products:

1. Outdoor cables : More often used for ducting & aerial backbone networks, Last mile / access
2. Indoor cables : More often used for FTTB/FTTX/FTTH infrastructures
3. Special cables : More often used for special cases, such as submarine
4. HDPE : Subduct, Microduct, ODP
5. Accessories cables : OTB, Patchcord, Pigtail
6. Outdoor Cabinet : ODC, ACPDB, DCPDB
5. Power System DC : Solar Panel

Duct Cable G652D
OTB 24 8 C
Patch Cord
DC Power System & Solar Panel

Infrastructure IT Product :

1. Indoor Rack : Close Rack 42U
2. Switch & Router
3. CCTV & Accesories
4. Wifi & Access Point
5. Wireless Broadband
6. Application Solution-RFID

CCTV & Accecories
Switch & Router
Rack Indoor
Smartcard RFID
Application Solution